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What is a DRFC?

Out of curiosity, do you know what the acronym DRFC stands for? Not to belabor the point,  DRFC refers to the District Rotary Foundation Committee. It is also used as the acronym to identify the Chair of a district’s DRFC.  

Do you know who currently holds the DRFC title in District 7600? Do you know how long a DRFC serves? Has there ever been a woman DRFC in District 7600? What does the DRFC (committee) do? For that matter, what does the DRFC (Chair) do?

Assuming you know anything about the DRFC, who has been your favorite DRFC? Why? Who have been the most recent DRFCs?

An informal poll was taken of recent Past District Governors to assist in reconstructing the list of prior DRFCs and the years they served. The past DRFCs relied on their memories or referred to treasured souvenir district directories so accuracy may be suspect.

  • Bob Stallworth (2000-2001),
  • John Nelson (2001-2002),
  • Joe Mulkerrin (2002-2007),
  • Bob Preston (2007-2010),
  • Bill Pollard (2010-2013),
  • Jim Probsdorfer (2013-2016),
  • and currently, Chuck Arnason (2016-2019).

It appears that before 2007 the term for a DRFC was one year.  Past Rotary International Director Joe Mulkerrin served for five years, and after that, the DRFCs have served for three years.

Now who will be our DRFC when Past District Governor Chuck completes his term in June?