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Acronyms & #s … What Fun!

To ensure that District Foundation Endowment Chair, Bill Billings, doesn’t report this blog to the Acronym Police … TRF stands for The Rotary Foundation. The editor will add this cryptic character, a “#”, which in “digispeak” is called a hashtag. So here’s to #TRF.

Another salute goes to the District Rotary Foundation Committee or #DRFC. In common argot, DRFC can also stand for the District Rotary Foundation Chair. Sorry, Bill. Acronyms can have more that one reference. In our case, our DRFC is Chuck Arnason.

So now, thank you, Rotarians of District 7600. Our DRFC year has been successful and fun, so far with more to come as we transition toward the 2019-2020 Rotary year.

We had our first $1,000,000 giving year, held our first celebration of National, Mustard Day thanks to David Rosenthal and Neva Lynde, and have seen the most creative Christmas Sweater every worn by a #DRFC.

So thanks to all District 7600 Rotarians. You are the tops. Oh, if you don’t know why a hashtag matters, ask your 12 year old children or grandchildren.