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How to plan for the Grant Management Seminar on March 24th …



Registration on dacdb.com during 1st week of February.

The Grant Managment Seminar (GMS) is required for a club to be eligible for the award of a district 7600 grant or global grant. The Rotary Foundation requires that these GMSs be interactive and District 7600 will provide an in-person GMS on March 24th in Williamsburg at the Colonial Heritage Club and will also provide a webinar on April 21 which may be attended in person in Hampton or via webinar. Registration for the March 24th GMS will be available the first week of February on dacdb.com

Preparing for the GMS:

No, you don’t have to do any homework for the GMS, but looking over some of the 2017-2018 grants in dacdb.com (yes, you have to log in) will give you an idea what kinds of information are required and/or permitted in your online application package.

After you log on to dacdb you will see an array of tabs going across the screen.  Click on the ‘GRANTS’ tab and you will see a list of the grants approved for 2017-18.

2018-01-20 (1)

This image is too hard to read on a laptop (if on a mobile device you may be able to pinch and expand)  but you will see the line of tabs across the screen just under the blue and red DACdb logo. About 2/3rds across you can see that one tab is highlighted in blue.  That is the grants tab.

When you click on the grants tab you will see beneath the Grants tab the 2017-18 grants.  The first column lists the clubs involved in each grant.  The second column is the name of the grant.  You can click on each grant and it will pull up documents and pictures provided by the club(s) for the grants committee to consider in its deliberative process.

An example of the grant application documentation.

2018-01-20 (3)

Again, we know this is hard to read unless you are looking at it on a mobile device.  You should be able to pinch and expand for a bit more detail.  Here we clicked on the South Hill Grant.  This is an instance when the club provided some pictures to increase its chances of an approval by the grants committee.  Just above the pictures is a section which includes the documents necessary for grant consideration.  There is for sure … the grant application and the MOU and whatever other documents required such as a budget, any agreements with participating partners, and so on.

So, what’s the point?

Well, here is the chance for your project/grant committee to look at how other clubs (remember, these were all approved grants) have put together their grant submissions. There is also contact information for the leads on each project.  It is a chance for your grant committee to learn some of the ropes from those who have already been successful.  It may also help your grant committee hone in on questions to ask at the GMS in March.

It will help the club so much in its efforts if it asks at least two members to attend who will actually be involved in the grant application, submission, execution, and closing of grant documentation.  It will save so much confusion.