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Speaking of Peace …

One of the speakers at District Conference was a Peace Fellow, Patricia Schafer.  She spoke eloquently of how conflict resolution and leadership skills being learned at an early age can contribute exponentially to the cause of peace.  Many of our 7600 Rotarians have attended the annual peace conference at the UNC-Duke Peace Center held each spring.  We are fortunate that District 7610, directly to our North, has an active Peace and Peacebuilders initiative ongoing in its District.  Their annual Fall Peace Conference will be held on October 28 in Fredericksburg.  One of Patricia’s special interests is the NewGen Peacebuilders initiative wherein young folk ages 14 to 24 receive training in conflict resolution and solutions building.

Unfortunately, the 28th is also the date of our District’s Interact-Rotaract Training Conference.  This is a very hard choice for many, but please see what you can do to attend or support either the Peace Conference or the Interact – Rotaract Training Conference.  Every club with either an Interact or Rotaract Club should plan on helping its students participate.  If not engaged in the Interact or Rotaract program in your club, perhaps you would consider attending the Peace Conference.

Registration for both conferences is available on our District 7600 dacdb.com calendar.

Speaking of Quiet …

Most of us survived the Spirit of 7600 District Conference in good order.  Though there were lots of learning opportunities, there was also a lot of fun going on.  Some wee drinks of a special draft beer, or a few sips or two of wine were had, and then there was that 70s party.  Oh, my.  Many of us need to rest up and get ready for the Foundation Awards Banquet on November 9, 2017.  We had a banner year in the 2016-2017 Rotary year, so we expect a lot of interest in attending the Award Banquet at the Colonial Heritage Golf Club in Williamsburg on November 9th.  Registration on the dacdb.com calendar for that event will be available during the week of October 2, but get November 9th penciled into your and your spouse’s calendar now.