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Learning from the clubs … Foundation Presentations:

Many of us Foundation-loving Rotarians are visiting the clubs in District 7600 to share data, insights, suggestions, and appreciation.  Some of us are Club Foundation Chairs, others are Advocates, and others are members of the District Rotary Foundation Committee.  When visiting a club to make a recognition presentation or provide a Foundation program, the presenter reviews the giving and grant data for that club, membership trends, and what we can glean about the reasons for success or lack of success in the club’s achievement of its Foundation goals.

The club specific information provides insight into how that club has embraced the two seismic changes that Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation rolled out in the Renette Rawlins PHS2013-2014 year.  RI rolled out its new website (actually a database with a very pretty face) and The Rotary Foundation rolled out the new giving and grant structure.  The two are inextricably linked.  The website provides mechanisms for clubs, the district, the zone, and RI to input, access, and track club management.  If the club management tools are effectively implemented by the clubs, the clubs then have access to current and historic data regarding their performance in all areas and, particularly, in the Foundation area.  Access to Foundation information is now available  to the ‘assigned’ positions in each club, as well as to Area Governor, Foundation Chairs, and to certain members of the District Rotary Foundation Committee.

The ‘assigned’ positions are the club officers, the Club Foundation Chair, the Membership Chair, and the Executive Secretary if there is one.  The trick is that these ‘assigned’ position names must be input into the appropriate form in the Club Management Area. To be eligible to be input in that area, the named member must first have created an account on My Rotary.

All Club Foundation Chairs and Foundation Advocates are encouraged to scope out the club(s) in their domain to ascertain if all of the current and incoming assigned position names have been entered.  If not, a good direction to go is to determine if the members in those club positions have My Rotary accounts.  Yes, all of that information is available after going into “My Rotary”, then to “Manage”, and then to “Club Administration”.

So … Foundation Advocates and Club Foundation Chairs … it is time to get your Nerd on. Need help? Give us a shout out! Or track one of us down at the Foundation Awards Banquet on November 12.  You can register on dacdb.com

Next week more about the club reports to which our Foundation Advocates and Club Foundation Chairs have access.  Information about the reports can already be found on the Documents and Resources page on this site … EREY Eligibility Report, Monthly Contribution Report, and the Club Recognition Summary.