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Don’t forget to look at the Trees:

The challenge of this blog is not what to write to be of timely use to Foundation Advocates, Club Foundation Chairs, and to all devotees of The Rotary Foundation.  The challenge is what not to write and how to keep the blog short so it is useful and readable.

This weekend on a quick weekend trip to catch the colors in the Shenandoah Valley, this beautiful tree in downtown Staunton caught one’s breath.  It is probably passed by during the summer and winter without much thought.  But here in the glory of color it arrests one’s movement and invites contemplation.

In the Fall the Foundation is in full Color:

Like the tree, the Foundation is present year round.  Its structure, its contribution to our world, its invitation to us  to enjoy its mission … is ever present.  It is in Fall that we take the time to view The Rotary Foundation in its true beauty and our own involvement in its health and reach.

District 7600 clubs and individual Rotarians will receive recognition for their involvement in the success of The Rotary Foundation’s Mission to ‘Do Good In The World’ on November 12 in Williamsburg at the Rotary Foundation Awards Banquet.  Please consider registering and inviting your spouse to join in this Community of Rotary celebration.

Fall also celebrates End Polio Now with World Polio Day:

Please support your local and area Interactors and Rotaracters when they celebrate the near eradication of Polio by holding Purple Pinkie events across the District on October 23rd & 24th.  Contact Boo Elmore of the Chester Club for more information.

Shout Out to the October Issue of Features:

The October issue of the  District Foundation Newsletter ‘Features’ was published by Diana Gulatta this morning (October 19).  It is in your email or you can visit it on rotary7600.org.  It covers District Foundation news in far more detail than this little blog.  Don’t see it in your email?  Check your spam folder.

Our Purple Pinkie Dancing Queen courtesy of Bill Pollard.

Our Purple Pinkie Dancing Queen courtesy of Bill Pollard.