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On June 30 the barn door closes. Foundation giving for the 2014 -2015 year will be over.  The amount given this year will govern the amount of money available for grant awards for District 7600 clubs in 2017 -2018. During that three years the 2014-15 club giving will be earning its keep, so to speak.

Foundation Advocates and Club Foundation Chairs (CFCs) are urged to communicate with their clubs NOW to remind club leaders and members of the importance of achieving club giving goals to The Rotary Foundation and to assist clubs in their efforts to meet those goals.  Club Foundation Chairs are the front-line leaders in their clubs on behalf of The Rotary Foundation.  Foundation Advocates are the CFCs support team.

During the last two weeks the Foundation Advocates have been following up with the Club Foundation Chairs in their areas to get assessments on club giving status.  This is important to our District Foundation Committee leaders so they can accurately forecast final giving and to have one last chance to help clubs with strategies to meet club goals.

Many of the Advocates have already provided their updates, but we still need a few more follow ups.  Everyone knows that this is the time of year when clubs and club leaders are doing double duty — wrapping up the 2014-15 year and implementing plans for the 2015-16 year.

If you are a Foundation Advocate, pick up the phone and check in with  your Club Foundation Chairs.  Club Foundation Chairs … don’t wait for a call … reach out to the Foundation Advocates for your areas.

Bill Henn-CFC Petersburg Breakfast

Bill Henn-CFC Petersburg Breakfast

Club Foundation Chairs don’t just serve as club leaders.  Bill Henn, white tee shirt above, got his hands dirty on May 16 working on the largest district grant awarded in 2014-2015.  The grant for $25,000 was awarded to 6 clubs to make improvements to the Appomattox River Regional Park.  The clubs were Petersburg Breakfast, Petersburg, Hopewell, Colonial Heights (lead club), Chester, and Prince George.

Thank you for all you do!