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Thank you, District 7600 Rotarians:

District 7600 Rotarians are among the most generous donors in the Rotary world.  As a district, we are among the upper echelons of giving to The Rotary Foundation.

Reem Ghunaim & me (2)

Chuck with Reem Ghunaim, Executive Director, Rotary Action Group for Peace

Our Rotarians give not only money but also time and sweat equity.  We have Rotarians participating in National Immunization Days (NID) in at-risk countries; this year we are being represented by Carol Chamberlain (Warwick@ City Center), Jan Rowley (Prince George) and Colleen Bonadonna (New Kent) in the India NID in January. Colleen, District Polio Chair, has been on many such NIDs.  Earlier this year, many of our 7600 Rotarians traveled to Honduras as part of the work with the pediatric heart surgery clinic we helped establish in a widely supported global grant.  Your support of the Foundation makes a world of difference by helping others in need – from supplying vaccine that protects children from the polio virus to providing water filtration systems that protect villagers from deadly waterborne illnesses.  At home, you are ringing the bells for the Salvation Army, refurbishing parks, donating and distributing dictionaries, and many, many other good works in our communities.


So, at this time of focus on family and home during the holidays, I thank you, our District 7600 Rotary family for your generosity and caring. I am honored to be among you.  Because of you, we are Rotary: Making a Difference.

Chuck Arnason

District Rotary Foundation Chair