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The Annual Report

Past District Governor Bill Pollard posted a link to the online Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation 2016-2017  this week on the Rotary D7600 Foundation Committee Facebook page.

A click brought us to this description of how The Rotary Foundation spent its funds. The numbers are amazing:

  • Polio Plus: $108 million
  • Global Grants: $73 million (net of returned funds and other adjustments)
  • District Grants: $26 million
  • Program Operations: $23 million
  • Fund Development: $9 million
  • General Administration: $5 million
  • Peace Centers: $5 million

polio immunizing baby


With our giving in District 7600 we are part of the worldwide reach of The Rotary Foundation. What we donate in the 2017-18 year will be of benefit to others in future years.

There is also an incisive report on our efforts to prevent disease and on the status of Pollio Eradication.  Please take the time to take a peek at the Annual Report.