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The attendees at the Foundation Workshop had an adventure:

The 45 or so attendees at the Foundation Workshop who had brought their smartphones, Rotarians Facebooktablets, or laptops got the chance to engage with live videoing of the topics presented by the superior Foundation leaders on August 5. After turning their volume down on their devices they were invited to join the live videos, adding comments, and posting “#rotary7600”  periodically.  There were a few amusing discoveries, e.g., one must have a Facebook account to join in, but a couple of folks signed up that day.   Others were delighted to see how easy it was to join in on the fun on their smartphones.

None of this would have been possible without the able phone camera work by Sarah Hanbury and Shel Douglas of the Prince George Club, who served as the mentors and videographers at the workshop.  These videos are about 15 minutes or so in length and were videoed by topic.  They can all be seen by scrolling down the District Foundation’s Facebook page, clicking on the big arrow in the middle of the image, and turning the sound up on your device.  OR you can view all of the videos on the ‘Documents & Videos’ tab on this website.

We are also exploring how to upload them to YouTube and to the District Website, but did you know that you can share the videos from Facebook to your own club’s Facebook page or at least the administrators or editors for your club’s page can.  Talk with them about it.

For the moment … here we share one of the videos.  This is Joy Kline Annual Fund Chair for the District Foundation Committee extolling how well the District did this last year in exceeding our giving goals.

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