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August 5 Foundation & Membership Workshops: Answers to “but”


“But I went to a workshop two years ago.”

Thank you. And what you learned then was cogent and tailored to the rules and recommendations for success at that time.  But being smart enough to be a Rotarian, you know that things change as do the rules and recommendations for success.  Changes?

  • understanding how the pillars of public image, Rotary Foundation, & membership interplay
  • more flexible ways to structure existing clubs or create new ones — satellite clubs, eclubs, and others
  • corporate memberships
  • flexible attendance/engagement standards
  • the requirement for Club Grant Management Seminar attendance certification for a district grant
  • understanding of how Vocational Training Teams fit into a global grant
  • how Social Media helps Rotarians reach out to each other and to their community members
  • sharing the global vision and leadership of Rotary International with other organizations

“But, it is on a Saturday morning.”

This is true.  But Williamsburg is a city known worldwide for its commitment to history, shopping, wine, and golf.  The key is that you spend only the morning in the workshop.  At noon, hook up with your loved one, who you thoughtfully broad along to shop or golf while you attend the workshop, and go do some of those fun things together.  If he or she wants to hang while you are in class there are lots of comfy seating and guest wifi to allow the spouse to read or surf for an hour or two. Plus the Bar & Grill open around 10:30 so he or she can get an early start on the wine.

“But, it is Saturday morning and I hate getting dressed up.”


Glad to hear that.  Don’t get dressed up.  Wear what you like.  Summer or tropical attire is encouraged.  We draw the line at swim suits, but knowing District 7600 Rotarians we know that someone will push the envelope on that.  We are guessing it will be South Richmond or South Hill.

“But, it costs $30.”

True again.  Did you know that measly $30 includes the world famous Full Southern Breakfast and a whole lot of neat door prizes.  Actually, if you eat a lot and if you win a door prize, you’ll come out ahead.

OK, register already! dacdb.com calendar.