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Rotary Nights at the End Polio Now Games in July

It looks like we will have a very healthy 2016 -2017 giving year.  Thank you, everybody.

But Rotarians’ good works are never finished.  We can kick off the new Rotary year with gusto by supporting the End Polio Now Rotary Night games with the Richmond Squirrels (July 13) and the Norfolk Tides (July 24) organized so ably by Stan & Debbie Wall and David Mansfield.  The Squirrels game begins at 6:35 pm and the Tides game begins at 7:05. The gates open earlier to allow plenty of time for hotdogs, nachos, and beer prior to the game beginning.

Each club should have appointed a club member to be the organizer of the effort for the club by taking reservations and ticket payments from the club members, and then communicating timely with the team representatives to reserved sections of the stadiums for the club members.  Attendees are asked to wear either the red End Polio Now tee shirt or any red shirt so that the Rotary sections will stand out at the games.

There is still time to order the End Polio Now tee shirt from Stan and Debbie Wall.  The
RTEE7red ‘End Polio Now’ t-shirts for sale are $10 for most shirts and $12 for the fulsome 2x and 3x sizes.  A dollar from each shirt sale goes back to End Polio Now.  You can contact Stan & Debbie at stan.debbie.rotary@comcast.net.

With this shirt, we can turn the stadium bleachers red and really ramp up the Rotary and End Polio Now profile.

A portion of each ticket is donated to End Polio Now and is one of the underpinnings our effort to support the matching grants from the Gates Foundation and other foundations and governments to thwart this crippling disease.  Each club gets credited with the donated amount generated by that club’s ticket purchases.  A great jump start to the clubs’ giving goals.

So look up your club’s Rotary Night Game organizer and make your reservations now. Remember to include family members, neighbors, friends, prospective members and just ask them to wear a red shirt.  Let’s have a ball!