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Submission of club & member donations to TRF:

Bill Billings

Bill Billings

Bill Billings, our vigilant acronym buster from the Franklin Club and incoming Endowment Fund lead for the District Rotary Foundation Committee, may be reading this, so up front, TRF stands for The Rotary Foundation.

So, if you are the current club Rotary Foundation chair double check with your treasurer that all contributions to TRF, which rely on submission by the club treasurer have been submitted.  There is absolutely no reason to wait until June 30 to forward such sums.  If you will be the club Rotary Foundation chair next year, encourage your members to submit their own TRF donations via Rotary Direct at www.rotary.org.  This is the 21st Century and it will take a load off of the treasurer and you, for that matter.

2016-17 club rotary foundation chair in assigned position in My Rotary:

The club rotary foundation chair for 2016-17 must be listed in that assigned position in My Rotary at www.rotary.org in able to access giving reports for the club.  This applies even if the current club Rotary Foundation chair is continuing in the same position in the next rotary year. Check with your president-elect, club secretary, club executive secretary, or whoever in your club inputs that data to be sure that you have been ‘assigned’ in My Rotary as the club’s Rotary Foundation chair for the 2016-17 rotary year.

Refresh yourself on the New Year Resolutions (aka club goals):

Coordinate with your president-elect so you can get a jump start on meeting the foundation giving goals for the coming rotary year.  Boom!