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Ron Rowley and Recruit

Ron Rowley

As we boat, cookout, visit the mall, catch a soccer game  … let’s remember that our way of life has been and is being secured by men and women in all branches of the military and in the government agencies which support them.  Many of these personnel will be far away from the usual celebrations of the Memorial Day weekend such as the second detachment of the 111th Quartermaster Company  which left for a six month deployment on May 20th.

One of Rotary’s six areas of service, Promoting Peace, is devoted to learning about and understanding challenges faced by people around the world.  No country is perfect but by sharing our good will and seeking to understand others, maybe someday we can help eradicate conflict just as we are eradicating polio.

As Memorial Day approaches let’s give some thought to those in uniform and their support agencies. Let’s find some ways to express our gratitude for their service and remember those no longer with us.

Have a safe, peaceful Memorial Day weekend.