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The header for this week’s blog shows President Shel of the Prince George Club (red jacket), DGE Diane, and project partners smiling broadly after DGE Diane had presented the $5000 District Grant check to help build accessible playground and recreation facilities at one of the county’s parks.

Doing Good in the World

Doing Good in the World

We all know that the District has funds to make such grant awards because of Rotarians who gave generously three years ago.  They ‘paid’ it forward so to speak.  The Annual Fund donations we make this Rotary year will become District Designated Funds (DDF) and will fund grants three years from now.  That is the continuum.   The district can make strong projections about DDF which will be available three years from now by encouraging and tracking current giving.

Club Foundation Chairs already have access to Foundation Giving Reports for their own Clubs.  Now Foundation Advocates have access to those reports for all of the clubs in their areas because of the access delegated by their counterpart Area Governors.

Another tool to track club giving is the monthly report provided by Joy Kline or, in my vernacular, the ‘Joy Report’.  This report gives a summary of club giving segmented by areas through the closing of the TRF books  the previous month.  This can be very convenient for the Foundation Advocate who can also share this report with his or her Club Foundation Chairs and Area Governors.  Take a look at the report to see how easy it can be to use.   It is provided here in both EXCEL and pdf format for your convenience.

2015 Foundation Report-Aug (1) EXCEL         2015 Foundation Report-Aug (1) pdf

Shout outs to all of the Rotarians I will see this weekend at the District Conference. Haven’t registered yet? Really?  Do it now and don’t miss out on the fun.