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District Rotary Foundation Leaders are on a roll

The month of September, has been filled with District and District Rotary Committee Foundation leaders traveling to the clubs to personally bestowLouis Tayon Area 13 Michael Broadhurst PHF + 6 Paul Harris Society Recognitions and to award District Grants to recipient clubs. The awarding of the District Grants will probably be accomplished by the District Conference, but hopefully the joyful task of awarding the Paul Harris Society Recognitions will continue throughout the year. Often in these presentations and awards the Area Foundation Advocates are called upon to assist as was Louis Tayon (area 13 Advocate) earlier this month as he and District Governor Gary Chenault recognized Michael Broadhurst with his Paul Harris Fellow+ 6 pin.

Paul Harris Society –Annual Fund — District & Global Grants

The last couple of our blogs have focused on Every Rotary Every Year (EREY) as a worthy giving goal for clubs and Rotarians across District 7600 because 50% of all Annual Fund Giving comes back to the District every three years and matriculates to the clubs via district and global grants. As District Giving Chair, Ken Hodge noted, because of how District Designated Funds (DDF) can be leveraged, that 50% can become 87% in some  circumstances.

You may be asked about the Paul Harris Society.

The Paul Harris Society is one of the giving levels of the Annual Fund.  Upon enrolling in the Paul Harris Society the Rotarian promises to donate $1000 each year to The Rotary Foundation until that persona selects a different level of giving to the Foundation. As Advocates and Club Foundation Chairs consider recommending membership in the Paul Harris Society if an inquiring  Rotarian is already donating at or near the annual $1000 level. If the Paul Harris Society membership doesn’t match the giving interests of that Rotarian at this time, any level of giving to the Annual Fund can help do good in the world.

Foundation Advocates and Club Foundation Chairs

Questions about the Paul Harris Society and other levels of giving are among the many questions your club leaders and especially new members may have of you as Foundation Advocates and Club Foundation Chairs.  Carol Woodward is always ready to assist you when, and if,  you get stumped or if you just want to know more about the information available to share with the clubs. You can reach Carol at woodwardcd@aol.com or woodward739@gmail.com.

Shout Outs

To Delmar Dayton Area 4 Foundation Advocate and patient member of the South Richmond Club for his pleasant phone call.  The Advocates Chair gets lonely sometimes.

To Heather Martin Area 17 Foundation Advocate for posing with District Governor Nominee John Padgett at the Foundation Workshop in August.  The use of the photo in this blog header does justice to neither of them.

To all Foundation Advocates, Club Foundation Chairs, and to any readers of this blog … what information would you like to see addressed here?  Would anyone like to do a guest blog?

See you in the funny papers …  and at District Conference — Carol