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Please don’t wait to work on your district grant applications:

The District Grant applications are due via the Grants Module on dacdb.com by May 15th.  All portions of the application must be submitted to that location.  If you have questions, please ask them.  District Rotary Foundation Chair Chuck Arnason and SuAnne Bryant are eager to be of assistance.Removing old windows

Fifty-six of our sixty-two clubs qualified to file for district grants.  This means that there should be a lot of competition for the grant funds available this year.  The exact amount the district will have is not yet known, but soon will be.

The MOU is on the ‘Grants and Scholarships’ page on d7600foundation.org.  There is also a checklist to assist in your effort.  The slides from the March 24th Grant Management Seminar are also on this page and may answer some questions you may have.

Good luck on your grant application.