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At the risk of sounding like a nag … set up a MyRotary Account

If you haven’t set up your ‘MyRotary’ account you are missing out on big gnarly Rotary information that is available only to Rotarians.

2016-08-23Don’t get us wrong.  The rotary.org website is wonderful with easy access to basic information about Rotary International, our areas of focus, and stories of the good we are doing in the world.  This is great information for nonrotarians, people interested in becoming rotarians,  very new rotarians, and just plain nosy people who have been wondering what Rotary is about.

But, myrotary.org is for insiders, for us rotarians.  Only rotarians are eligible to set up a MyRotary account and it so easy.

This how_to_create_my_rotary_account guide, updated on February 1, 2017, will walk you through the process of setting up your MyRotary account.  With your MyRotary, account you will be able to do many neat things such as checking your own donor history, seeing dashboard information about your club, donate online to The Rotary Foundation through Rotary Direct, join Rotary discussion groups and many other activities.  You can input profile information to share with the community of Rotary.  Oh, there are so many resources on MyRotary.org.

So, consider setting up your MyRotary account and if you already have one … visit it every so often to see all the new stuff available.  It is dynamic, educational, and fun.

Need help?  Let us know