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This is an appeal to 22 clubs in District 7600

Ferndale work group multi club grantOur District Rotary Foundation Chair, Chuck Arnason, sent an email to 22 clubs this week advising that they are not certified for participation in a 2017- 2018 grant.  These clubs represent 1/3 of the district’s clubs.  Only 3 of those 22 clubs have someone registered for the last opportunity to attend the required Grant Management Seminar/Webinar on April 29.

The non-certified clubs are not listed here as we don’t want to hurt any sensitive feelings but check with your club president, president-elect, or your outgoing or incoming club foundation chair to determine if your club is all set to participate in Rotary grants.

The Grant Management Seminar (GMS) on April 29th is free and can be attended in person in Hampton or in the comfort of your home office or leather chair.  Register for it on the dacdb.com calendar.

Some clubs may think … well, we aren’t going to do a grant this year.  We have too much norfolkportsmouthelizriverproject4other stuff going on.  But then a sister club comes along and says, “Hey, why not join in on this super neato global or district grant with us.  We’ll do all the planning and paperwork, all your club needs to do is kick in some money, sign grant documents, and supply Rotary hands to execute the project.”  Sounds like a feather in the club’s cap, but you find out you can’t join in, because … your club is not GMS certified.  That is a sad, sad story.

Registration for this last GMS is open until April 26.  Don’t wait. April 29 Webinar

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