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Yes, it is that crazy Rotary season

We know clubs are working to complete 2016-17 goals and projects and also transitioning to the 2017-18 Rotary Year.  And it must seem like we are nagging … “get this done, get that in, enter your data, and sign up for the Grant Management Seminar (GMS).”

All we are going to encourage you to do today is to submit your final district grant report through the Grants Module on dacdb.com as soon as you have spent the funds you received from the District Rotary Foundation Committee (DRFC) for your grant.  Even if your actual grant project isn’t completed, if you have spent all of the funds received for your grant from DRFC, you can submit your receipts, in situ pictures, and any other information required.

Not there yet?  OK, then be sure you are collecting and scanning all of your receipts, and other images and documents so you have it all in one convenient file or two for easy compiling and submitting when the time is right.  As you collect and scan, a practical thing to do is to share your electronic files with another person or two so that a catastrophic computer failure doesn’t undo all of the work you have already done to document your project.

We want you to be ready for your next district grant in 2017-18 and to do that you must first have timely filed your final 2016-17 grant report.  The district grant application deadline for the 2017-18 year is May 15.  Yep, slightly less than two months.

James River (Richmond) Rotary


Hats off to Fluvanna and to the James River (Richmond) clubs for having already submitted their final report for auditing by Don Vaught of the Brandermill club. The photo at left is one of the many photos submitted by the James River (Richmond) Rotary as part of its final grant report.