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You pay Rotary dues. Get your money’s worth.


Do you subscribe to the Rotary Leader by email?  Click on the link and take a look at this appealing and useful publication for yourself.  You subscribe by email. It comes to your email account monthly. Each issue covers four or five cogent topics.  No heavy lifting. No heavy reading. No extra cost.

What can you do with the information included in this and other Rotary publications? Impress your Rotary colleagues with your smarts and inside information about what is going on in Rotary.  Show your club what a superior club leader you are.  Show your club what a superior club leader you could be.  Be an ace in any Rotary trivia contest. Be personally elevated because of the extent of your Rotary knowledge and expertise.  Be admired far and wide by newer club members who work to emulate your knowledge and expertise.

OK … we may be going slightly overboard, but truthfully the benefits of ‘Being Rotarian’ boil down to a handful of things… having Rotarians of similar values with whom  to travel though life; having Rotarians of diverse ages, ethnic origins , occupations, and geographic backgrounds with whom to travel through life; doing good in the world with other Rotarians; and learning new stuff every day to keep life interesting and to be interesting.

Check out the Rotary Leader and the other publications available at rotary.org.