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Just a reminder of the upcoming End Polio Now Baseball Games, July 7 in Richmond and July 27 in Norfolk …

Stan Wall advises that Rotarians can secure tickets for the Flying Squirrels Game up til game day.  Just check in with your club point of contact for the games who will obtain more tickets from Stan.  And those of you in the Hampton Roads area, don’t forget that Tides game.  Again, contact your club’s point of contact for tickets.


A fond farewell as your District Foundation Committee Chair …

(reprinted from the June 2016 Foundation Features)

OK, the time has come; the deed is done. I plan to fade from the scene as your new District Rotary Foundation Chair PDG Chuck Arnason takes over on July 1. It has been a ‘magical journey’ for me as our District moved from Future Vision in 2013-14 to ‘current vision’ in 2014-15 and 2015-16.



During the last three years, we continued to set and achieve new goals, raise our standards in giving and grants, improve our internal processes, inform our Rotarians and promote our belief in The Rotary Foundation. I have been very proud to represent our District at numerous meetings and events and, as always, to meet and recognize our generous Rotarians who continue to ‘do good in the world’.

As our Foundation Newsletter has highlighted, as long as we remember “Why We Give”, understand “How We Give”, and appreciate “The Who Behind the Giving”, we will continue to be ranked in the top tier of Rotary Districts in the world in our support of The Rotary Foundation. My thanks to YOU and may YOU always ‘Lead the Way’.