Goals … important in Soccer … Important in Foundation Giving

What are clubs facing in June?

  • transition to new leadership team
  • wrapping up of district grant projects and submitting final reports
  • final push in Rotary Foundation Giving for 2014 -2015
  • setting and inputting 2015-2016 Foundation goals in Rotary Club Central

Foundation Advocates can help their clubs by coordinating with their respective Area Governors, their Club Foundation Chairs, and through both of those to the Presidents-Elect to set challenging, but realistic Foundation giving goals.

Looking at a given club’s history (available in the Fundraising Analysis in the Club’s reports) is a stating point.  The President-Elect and Club Foundation Chair should communicate about an optimistic, but achievable goal in every area of giving.  Once determined these goals need to be put into the Rotary Club Central on http://www.rotary.org. Early in the new Rotary year these goals need to be communicated to the club members and their buy-in solicited.

For any of your clubs which may not have set their Foundation Goals, this worksheet is a good starting point for the President-Elect and the Club Foundation Chair to set those goals. 2015-16 Foundation Giving Goals Form It also includes instructions on inputting these goals.

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