Documents & Videos

Getting ready for the 2018-19 Grant Year:


Chuck Arnason

PDG Chuck Arnason

The grant documents below will be part of the Presidents-Elect Packets at the Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS). But we didn’t want you to have to wait until March sometime to see them, especially if you are working on your club’s 2018-19 grants applications. As your District Rotary Foundation Chair, I urge you to review these documents before the Grant Management Seminar on March 24, 2018. And do register for the GMS on the calendar.


2018-19 Grant Doucments:

District_Grant_Timeline 2018-19


D7600 Club Qualification Memorandum of Understanding

District 7600 Grant Review Checklist (2018-19)

District 7600 Rotary Foundation District Grant Policy 18-19

Survival Tool Kit For Rotary Foundation Donors: (2017-2018)

District Giving Chair has put together a collection of forms, brochures, and

Rudy Garcia

Rudy Garcia District Giving Chair

other information to more usable documents at your fingertips.

Foundation Terms and Explanations (1)

EREY Survival Kit (2)

Essential Foundation Forms

Major Gifts Brochure 166en (1)

PHS Brochure 099en (1)

PHS Survival Kit (2)






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