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The March 28 GMS is Canceled:

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the Grant Management Seminar scheduled for March 28 has been canceled. With the State of Emergency declaration and the advice of health officials, continuing with the in person GMS was really just not an option. Efforts are ongoing to reschedule, but Colonial Heritage and other facilities are not in a position to schedule dates for large events at this time. Accordingly, facilities are not available to host a webinar due to the closure of our usual facility hosts.

Online Training is Available:

There is training available now at myrotary.org, specific to District 7600, which has met with The Rotary Foundation’s approval as meeting the training attendance requirement for a club to be eligible for a Rotary Grant. The information has been supplied to the Presidents-Elect and a district pmail was distributed by District Governor Clenise. A copy of the instructions are provided below.

A couple of heads up type information: You must have an account on myrotary.org and you will need to also enroll at the E Learning Center. All of the needed instructions are on the document above.

What is provided?

The course has a set of slides specific to District 7600 as well as a series of lessons pertaining to grants in general, scholarships, other global grants, and specifics relating to needs assessment, sustainability, and record keeping.

There are a number of downloadable documents, worksheets, and grant calculators included in the instruction module,

The total coursework is about 2 1/2 hours, but most of the learning blocks can be done in 15 minutes segments and you can download a certificate of completion for each segment for your records. You don’t have to take the entire training in one sitting. You can come back later or on a different day and resume the training.

After taking a 23 question quiz (passing is 80%) you can print a grant eligibility certificate. If needed you can take the test again. Also, you can revisit the training module to review specific information.

Cancelation of April 18th District Training Assembly:

The DTA has also been canceled. If and when it can be rescheduled, (provided facilities are booking events) we may be able to schedule a GMS concurrently with that event. At this point, it is not known when or if that rescheduling would meet the timing requirements for the GMS.