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Please spread the word about Giving Tuesday coming up on April 7, 2020, when each dollar contributed to The Rotary Foundation will be matched one-for-one.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Contributions must be made to the Annual Fund;
  • Contributions will be matched one to one with recognition points up to an individual contribution of $500;
  • The contribution must be made online on Tuesday, April 7 at ‘My Rotary” at rotary.org;
  • In addition, increased contributions over last Rotary year to the Annual Fund will b matched with recognition points two-for -one increased dollars (see examples below);
  • Your ‘My Rotary’ account must be set up in advance of April 6, as it takes a day or two for new accounts to become active;
  • Paul Harris Fellows + 8 are ineligible for the recognition points, as such points do not count toward Major Donor Status.

This is an excellent opportunity to help move your members to the next level of Paul Harris Fellowship and have your contributions count double. This may also be an excellent time to elevate your club to ‘100% Paul Harris Fellow’ Status- a one-time club recognition. Please let me know if you have any questions Status

Giving Examples:

Joan gave $200 to the Annual Fund during Rotary year 2018-2019 (last Rotary year). This year she gives $250 online to the Annual Fund on Giving Tuesday. She is awarded 200 recognition points for the first $200 and 100 recognition points for the increase of $50, total 300 points.

Phil gives $500 online to the Annual Fund on Giving Tuesday. He decides to do the same this year. Phil receives 500 recognition points and goes to the next higher level of Paul Harris Fellow.

Hector is very generous and gives $750 online to the Annual Fund on Giving Tuesday. His contribution is matched with 500 recognition points (the maximum allowed).

Judy is a new Rotarian and has never given to The Rotary Foundation before. She is excited about what The Foundation does. Judy contributes $450 online to the Annual Fund on Giving Tuesday. She receives 350 recognition points (one-for-one match) and 200 recognition points (two-for-one match). Judy is recognized as a new Paul Harris Fellow.

Stephen Beer District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair sbeer645@gmail.com